Cost control

Control many costs with one company

With vast experience in pharmaceutical systems for the global market, BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems provides a robust product portfolio, supply flexibility and strong IP protection for our biopharmaceutical partners. These capabilities help you mitigate risk while giving you confidence in our supply to achieve cost-effective success for your product.

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Global network

As a leading global supplier, BD provides consistent quality that meets regulations and easily handles varying demand. We also perform analyses prior to product launch. Utilizing these approaches, we alleviate risks to control your costs.

Standardized performance

With worldwide manufacturing and multisourcing capabilities, we guarantee supply continuity and can provide high capacity from multiple sites all functioning on quality processes for cost savings.

Product options

We provide strategic, world-class expertise and consultation to ensure proven pharmaceutical systems, customized to make your injectable drug succeed.

Quality control

Our process includes 100% camera inspection for proven product quality.