BD plunger stoppers

Choose stoppers that suit needs across therapeutic areas

BD considers stoppers a component of a whole system that ensures by design closure integrity, effective mechanical properties and reduced risk of chemical or drug interaction. We offer comprehensive mechanical and analytical data to help secure drug registration and shorten time to market; a cross-functional platform to flexibly support new customer needs; and an optimized, adaptable global supply chain network with dual sourcing.

BD plunger stoppers for chronic disease

Our FluroTec® 4023/50 stopper is film coated only on the drug surface contact area, enabling the lowest extractable level among stoppers tested by BD.1 Our BD Visioguard™ 4023/50 stopper allows fully automated visual inspection for fewer visible defects and features significantly improved specifications. Our 6901 stopper features an ultrapure rubber formulation, minimizing extractables.2

BD plunger for vaccines and heparins

Our FM257 stopper features good functionality and a low extractable level with reliable volume supply.1

BD plunger stoppers for acute care

Our FM257 stopper features good functionality and a low extractable level with reliable volume supply and cost effectiveness. Our FM457 stopper features good functionality and processability, and a low extractable level.1

BD has carefully studied the interaction of our plunger stoppers with all BD syringe components to ensure we deliver consistently reliable syringe systems.

System validation includes the following procedures:

  • Biocompatibility; toxicology; and extractable, leachable, and pharmacopoeia compliance
  • ISO dye immersion and stopper leakage under pressure testing for container closure integrity
  • Breakout and sustaining force verification
  • Performance verification through stacked stopper and syringe dimensional-tolerance analysis
  • Plunger rod and plunger separation force testing
  • Manual and automated visual inspection for dimensional conformance, foreign matter and particulates
  • Shipping verification tests
  • Shelf life and real-time aging testing in BD glass pre-fillable syringes

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