BD Sterifill™ for biotech polymer pre-fillable syringe

Choose an optimized polymer pre-fillable syringe solution for biotech

The BD Sterifill™ for biotech polymer pre-fillable syringe is our top-of-the-line polymer pre-fillable syringe system. It offers a differentiated approach to the development of combination products for the treatment of chronic conditions.

System approach

The BD Sterifill for biotech polymer pre-fillable syringe system has been developed with a specific laminated stopper assuring container closure integrity (CCI) and gliding performance.1

High breakage resistance

Made from premium BD cyclo olefin polymer (COP) resin and crystal clear polymer (CCP), the syringe is highly resistant to breakage.2

Drug compatibility

All of the materials and manufacturing processes for the syringe have been selected to minimize the risk of undesired interactions between sensitive biotech drugs and the container.

Ultralow levels

The syringe is produced in the absence of tungsten, silicone and adhesives. It therefore features ultralow levels of tungsten (ULW), ultralow levels of silicone (ULS), ultralow levels of adhesives (ULA) and ultralow levels of subvisible particles (ULP).

Modular rigid needle shield

The modular needle shield design of the BD Sterifill for biotech polymer pre-fillable syringe gives flexibility in your choice of closure elastomers.

Adapted sterilization processes

The sterilization methods have been selected to avoid the formation of chemically aggressive free radicals, which can lead to the degradation of sensitive drugs.3,*

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It is widely known in the field that radiation-based sterilization is a source of free radicals' powerful oxidizing (OH, HO2) and reducing (H) agents, capable of damaging essential molecules in living cells.

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