Vaccine syringes

Advance your vaccination efforts

As delicate products, vaccines are manufactured in sterile conditions and maintained under critical temperature control until they are used. They are also typically administered to mostly infants, young children and the elderly. For these reasons, you must choose the right delivery system for your vaccine—BD vaccine syringes. 

Use our BD vaccine syringes to enhance global vaccination efforts, enabling higher-quality clinical care, increasing economic value and helping vaccinate more people.1


BD Accuspray™ nasal spray system

The BD Accuspray nasal spray system uses BD Hypak™ glass pre-fillable syringe technology for nasal drug spray delivery.


BD Hypak™ for vaccines glass pre-fillable syringe system

The BD Hypak for vaccines glass pre-fillable syringe system offers a reliable glass pre-fillable system for the healthcare industry.


BD Uniject™ auto-disable pre-fillable injection system

The BD Uniject auto-disable pre-fillable injection system is a single-use injection system that effectively administers vaccines while helping avoid reuse.


* Supply is very limited. Contact your regional account manager for more information.

  1. Rothman NL, Myers E. Nurse practitioner and physician assistant perceptions on administration of flu vaccine in the retail clinic. Drug Store News. 2012;1-2.