BD Soluvia
BD Soluvia
BD Soluvia
BD Soluvia
BD Soluvia

BD Soluvia™ pre-fillable microinjection system

Administer intradermal injections accurately

The BD Soluvia™ pre-fillable microinjection system is a glass pre-fillable syringe system integrated with a 1.5-mm x 30-G BD microneedle.* This design allows the vaccine to be delivered intradermally.

Proven safety

BD independently conducted clinical trials involving more than 700 subjects and 3,500 injections with the BD Soluvia system, which demonstrated that it is safe and easy to use.1

Patient comfort

BD clinical testing has shown that the microneedle is barely perceptible when entering the skin, and the system is effective at injecting the solution into the dermal layer irrespective of the subject's gender, ethnicity and body mass.2


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