Pharmaceutical services

Obtain superior service with proprietary technology

BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems brings true value beyond our extensive product offerings. To develop your pharmaceutical system while addressing your individual needs and concerns, we provide years of pre-fill expertise, in-depth knowledge of drug development trends and proficiency with designing innovative technical solutions. By using proprietary technology, collaborating closely with you and complying with industry standards, we also help you control costs and launch your system with success.

We offer the following services, from system inception to post-launch:

Compatibility testing
We conduct rigorous testing on your container packaging components long before they reach the market, to ensure they are compatible with your drug. While doing so, we enforce internal standards as stringent as regulatory standards, to maintain your product's integrity throughout development.

Risk mitigation
BD has offices in more than 50 countries, so we are familiar with the global marketplace and positioned to make sure our manufacturing facilities are meeting your production demands and maintaining your supply. Our locations also enable us to understand regional healthcare needs, local manufacturing requirements and government regulations—minimizing the risks of introducing a drug into a new or unfamiliar market.

Expert processing
From startup to routine production, our knowledge of the filling process, processing technology and filling economics can optimize your operations. Furthermore, our components are fully validated to refine performance during manufacturing.

Cross-functional support
For every key member of your organization involved in bringing your product to market, BD offers a counterpart to provide unparalleled functional support.

Supply management
BD can maximize your supply through our global plant and associated suppliers network, while minimizing inventory through a supply flow that supports your inventory strategy and storage constraints—improving your total cost of ownership. We also offer various business continuity planning (BCP) solutions, giving you double- and dual-sourcing options.

Compliance advisory
Our plants are certified according to international quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Furthermore, our staff are trained in cGMP standards, so they can facilitate audits as well as address customers' questions.

Quality control
BD provides innumerable products to the market, including more than 2 billion syringes per year through multisite sourcing. Our seven plants worldwide align quality systems and organizational tools to standardize quality and reporting at every site. This setup also facilitates our customers' audits and site validations.