BD Uniject™ auto-disable pre-fillable injection system

Effectively administer drugs without reusing needles

The BD Uniject™ auto-disable pre-fillable injection system is an all-in-one, auto-disable (nonsyringe) drug delivery system for intramuscular (IM) or subcutaneous injections. Healthcare and nonhealthcare workers alike can use it for outreach programs, enabling pre-filled vaccine delivery across the globe while protecting against inappropriate needle reuse in the developing world.

Reduced errors

Prefilled system helps reduce medication and dosing errors compare to a vial solution.1–3

Minimal contamination

The system minimizes the waste of contaminated material requiring disposal.4–6

Material safety

The single-dose system prevents reuse, while its packaging prevents tampering and counterfeiting.4

Sterile delivery

The system is delivered sterile, clean and ready to fill.

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