Why BD for drug delivery solutions to the pharmaceutical industry?

Trusted expertise

BD – An industry leader with broad expertise


Providing systems for 70% of top 100 pharmaceutical companies around the world1

500 companies

Manufacturing containers for more than 500 pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide2

100 molecules

Leveraging experience with hundreds of molecules spanning a broad range of therapeutic areas

Our solutions

Why BD drug delivery systems?

Our ready-to-administer drug delivery systems, including prefillable syringes, self-injection systems, and safety and shielding devices, help ensure smooth delivery, regardless of drug complexity, viscosity and dosing volume.

Our prefillable syringes help reduce:

  • Medication errors
  • Syringe reuse
  • Microbial contamination
  • Steps to prepare injections
  • Drug waste3


Our self-injection systems help:

  • Enable the transition of treatment from the hospital to the home
  • Increase patient adherence
  • Enable at-home injections, saving money and patients' time
  • Reduce the risk of needlestick injury4


Our safety and shielding devices* help reduce:

  • Needlestick injury for healthcare workers and patients
  • Risk of health complications due to occupational bloodborne infections
  • Risk of syringe reuse
  • Ergonomic challenges with manual injection5


Patient benefits

Keeping the focus on patients

BD drug delivery systems give patients confidence, freedom and safety—appreciated benefits when it comes to receiving the medications they need. Learn how these benefits support adherence.


Certain prefillable devices are designed to be safely used by patients in the comfort of their own home.6


Prefilled systems are intuitive and easy to use for self-administration.3,6,7

Dosing accuracy

Ready-to-administer systems ensure that the patient receives the right dose every time.3

Our approach

BD closely partners with you to fully understand the specific characteristics and requirements of your drug and your need. We then help you select and validate the optimal container and delivery system for it, leveraging our product features and designs to ensure our solutions fits your needs.

Providing experience that counts

Applying years of experience with hundreds of drug products, our dedicated Technical Services team draws from a product portfolio designed for varying drug properties and requirements to select and risk mitigate your prefillable syringes, self-injection systems, and safety and shielding solutions. We offer services to assist with formulation development, to predict and assess drug-container interactions, and to determine delivery feasibility and system performance.

Leveraging our integrated system approach

In our in-house, GMP-compliant laboratories, we advise and conduct system feasibility, performance and combination product testing with your drug. We also perform analytical chemistry testing such as stability studies and extractables and leachables.

Supporting you for a smooth registration process in your target markets

Our dedicated Regulatory Affairs team provides customized regulatory advice and documentation in alignment with worldwide filing requirements to support you in your registration process.

Explore our products

Products for all drug delivery needs

Our portfolio is so extensive that whatever your drug product, we offer a solution that will optimally administer it.

State-of-the-art production and supply

We are equipped to meet your production and supply needs through our reliable supply chain system, dual sourcing of major components, safety stock, ability to minimize unexpected events and high-capacity manufacturing.

Learn more about our manufacturing

World-class manufacturing

BD maintains seven standardized plants worldwide, ensuring consistent quality and reporting. On a case-by-case basis, we take a customized approach to organize customer audits and site validations.

Learn more about our manufacturing

Always advancing our pharmaceutical systems

BD continuously invests in our technology and infrastructure to deliver best-in-class product performance and services. Supported by our reliable and agile manufacturing network and dedicated Centers of Excellence, we are able to develop next-generation pharmaceutical systems to meet even the most rigorous demands in this rapidly evolving industry.

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* BD UltraSafe Passive™ needle guard and BD UltraSafe Plus™ passive needle guard

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