BD Neopak™ glass pre-fillable syringe platform

Choose a syringe designed to meet the high expectations and challenges of innovative biopharmaceuticals

The BD Neopak™ syringe platform captures the essence of BD’s 30 year collaboration with biopharma industry, leveraged to best meet current and emerging requirements of sensitive biologic drugs for chronic disease patients. The BD Neopak™ platform has been developed with a goal to assure the most efficient combination of product development and commercialization.

the BD Neopak™ syringe is available in both 1-ml and 2.25 ml formats, and can be expanded to include BD Advanced Technologies such as BD XSi™, and BD VisioGuard™

Time to market

The top-of-the-line BD Neopak pre-fillable syringe platform has been designed to assure optimal time to market and flawless commercialization of your innovative biopharmaceuticals by withdrawing risk factors for development delays.

Extended design space

The 2.25-mL format breaks the 1-mL barrier for subcutaneous injections, facilitating the development of innovative therapies with larger volumes.1

Total cost of ownership

The BD Neopak glass pre-fillable syringe platform was conceived to minimize total cost of ownership by reducing scrap and reject rates, syringe breakage and line stoppages, minimizing costs like those incurred by incoming inspections.

Platform for advanced BD technology

The BD Neopak syringe is our top-of-the-line glass pre-fillable platform featuring advanced BD technologies like BD XSi immobilized silicone coating, BD DuraShield glass-strengthening technology and advanced needle technology.

Compatibility with sensitive biopharmaceuticals

The BD Neopak syringe offers unprecedented product performance starting with optimized compatibility with biopharmaceutical drugs through low tungsten as the standard and an ultralow tungsten option; reduced silicone quantity and an optimized gliding force; and improved glue curing to reduce leachables and extractables and their potential interaction with sensitive drugs.2–4

Breakthrough manufacturing processes

BD has challenged each step of the manufacturing process to reach optimized product performance. From using premium materials to conducting a 100% camera inspection, we assure proven product quality and a modular line preventing all glass-to-glass contact.

Quality by design approach – achieving Six Sigma-quality levels

Eighty percent of the specifications characterizing the BD Neopak syringe are new or significantly improved. This includes increased drug compatibility, breakage resistance, cosmetic quality, autoinjector compatibility and dimensional precision for optimized dose accuracy.5

Certificate of analysis

The certificate of analysis for the BD Neopak syringe allows delegation of control, helping streamline incoming inspections and reduce the associated costs.


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