Safety and shielding systems

Protect against injury with a full shielding solution

BD offers a wide range of safety and shielding systems that feature innovative needle shielding system technology for your injectable drug. With our proprietary systems, you can help prevent the continuously increasing risks and costs of needlestick injuries that are leading government agencies to enforce more stringent legislation.1


BD add-on finger flange

The add-on finger flange works with the BD UltraSafe Passive™ needle guard and BD UltraSafe Plus™ passive needle guard for optimum injection support.


BD Eclipse™ needle

The BD Eclipse needle is a pivoting-shield needle only requiring a single finger for activation.


BD Preventis™ needle shielding system

The BD Preventis needle shielding system enables one-handed, controlled activation that automatically shields the system.


BD SafetyGlide™ shielding hypodermic needle

The BD SafetyGlide shielding hypodermic needle uses technology that allows for fast and easy single-handed needle shielding.


BD UltraSafe Passive™ needle guard

The BD UltraSafe Passive needle guard provides one-handed passive activation that helps protect healthcare workers and patients from accidental needlesticks.


BD UltraSafe Plus™ passive needle guard

The BD UltraSafe Plus passive needle guard is ergononmically designed to support delivery of higher-viscosity drugs and patient self-administration.

  1. Wilson SP, Miller J, Mahan M, Krupp S. The urban emergency department: A potential increased occupational hazard for sharps-related injuries. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2015;22:1348–1350.