BD Vystra Disposable Pen
BD Vystra Disposable Pen
BD Vystra Disposable Pen
BD Vystra Disposable Pen

BD Vystra™ disposable pen

Administer low volume with high frequency

The BD Vystra™ disposable pen is an intuitive, high-quality and customizable disposable pen injector designed to support therapies that require frequent, low-volume injections or variable dosing. Through a strong IP position, global regulatory support and world-class manufacturing expertise, we can streamline your product's route to market and speed your product's launch.1

Ergonomic design

The disposable pen optimizes comfort and reliability for easy and intuitive use, developed through rigorous ergonomic and quality assessments.

Brand support

Multiple look-and-feel design options are available to complement your brand strategy.

Dose customization

Customizable features support your drug delivery needs, including multidosing, simple dose dialing and correction with audible clicks, and large and clear dose markings.

Accelerated development

The pen is available under the BD Accelerate program to enable faster time to market.

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